"I used to be terrified of walking through Home Depot looking so lost!" -Barb H.

So many handy women are either nervous to get into a store to buy what they need, or frustrated that people assume they don't know what they're talking about.

That's why HANDY WOMEN has swag!

Because the mission of Handy Women is to empower women with tools, and swag is one of those tools!

Imagine going into a store, and getting immediate respect from the
workers there, finding another handy woman with her swag, and inspiring
the little girls who see you!

Because when you wear your Handy Woman swag, you're showing the world what you can do, which means you get to:

  • Save money from not being taken advantage of
  • Escape the mental pain of having your skills and knowledge be doubted
  • Avoid effort because you won't have to explain why what you need is indeed what you need
  • Be comfortable because that swag is made for comfort
  • Be praised by other women for being a badass
  • Feel the love from the women you inspire
  • Increase your popularity in the Handy Women community online and out in the world

So go ahead and get your swag now!




Handy Women was founded in New York City on a late afternoon of October 2019 by Geraldine Anello. Suddenly seeing a need for a community that would gather women interested in doing their own handy work from all around the world, Geraldine didn't waste any time and launched the community on a whim!

Since the launch, over half a MILLION members have joined the community because of it's mission.

Coming from a background as a community builder, Geraldine has led Handy Women from a strong sense of mission. The mission of Handy Women is to:


"HANDY WOMEN" inspires, supports, and celebrates women with their handy work.

The boutique is here because the more women display that they're handy women, the more we:
  • Inspire other women to join us

  • Recognize one another out in the world

  • Help the world see what women are capable of!

Started as a community, Handy Women is now much more than that, it is a


Thrilled to have you be a part of that movement!

Geraldine, founder of Handy Women