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Handy Women was founded in New York City on a late afternoon of October 2019 by Geraldine Anello. Suddenly seeing a need for a community that would gather women interested in doing their own handy work from all around the world, Geraldine didn't waste any time and launched the community on a whim!

Women started joining right away, and that's when Geraldine paused and thought: "Wait, am I a Handy Woman?!" With her feet up on her coffee table, she looked past her computer, and noticed that next to her feet was her... toolbox with her tools out! So she was a bit of a handy woman after all.

In the time since the launch, and over 57,000 members later, she's learned that she is very much a beginner handy woman and continues to be in amazement at the incredible projects members are accomplishing every day.

Coming from a background as a community builder, Geraldine has led Handy Women from a strong sense of mission. The mission of Handy Women is to:


As a safe, friendly, and supportive group, HANDY WOMEN strives every day to inspire, support and celebrate women who want to do and are doing their own handy work.

To do that, Handy Women has its own Handy Women YouTube channel, featuring members of the community discussing projects they've down and what they've learned while increasing visibility of women doing handy work out in the world.

Handy Women has also recently launched its own Instagram and TikTok accounts with tips and tricks for specific projects. Local Handy Women community groups have also recently been launched to help handy women find each other locally.

The boutique is here because the more women display that they're handy women, the more we:
  • Inspire other women to join us

  • Recognize one another out in the world

  • Help the world see what women are capable of!

Started as a community, Handy Women is now much more than that, it is a


Thrilled to have you be a part of that movement!

Geraldine, founder of Handy Women