Step By Step Room Renovation

Molly is a member of the Handy Women Community, who bought her home five years ago, at the ripe age of 18. She recently decided that she was ready to bite the bullet and start renovating with no experience.

Fast forward to today, and one room stands as a testament to the incredible power of determination and inspiration. It's safe to say, we're absolutely thrilled to share this incredible before-and-after story with you! 🙌🏠🔨




Here’s the step by step that Molly followed to make these floors happen!

Step 1: Get Ready to Rumble! 🛠️

  • Start the renovation by unleashing your inner handywoman! 🦸‍♀️

  • Wave goodbye to those baseboards using a utility knife and a trusty pull bar. 💪

  • Roll up your sleeves and give that carpet, underpad, and tack strips the heave-ho! 🚚

Step 2: Wall Magic

  • Time to work your DIY magic on the walls! 🪄

  • Fill in any holes like a pro with spackling and smooth things out with a sander. 🪵

  • Slap on not one but two coats of primer and paint, making those walls dazzle! 🎨

  • Remove outlet covers like a superstar and use painter's tape for some precision. 🎭

Step 3: Paint Party! 🎉

  • Grab your trusty extendable paint roller and edging tools, and let's get this paint party started! 🖌️🎨

Step 4: Floor Fiesta! 🕺

  • Time to give that floor a makeover! 💃

  • Say goodbye to staples and nails with your pliers.

  • Give the entire room a good sweep and vacuum – no dust bunnies allowed! 🧹

  • Roll out some foam underlay with style and flair. 🛋️

Step 5: Flooring Finesse! 🪚

  • Measure the flooring like a pro with your rafter square, measuring tape, and trusty pencil. ✏️📏

  • Cut it like a champ with your table saw – watch those straight lines! 🪚

  • Use a laminate installation kit to lay down the new flooring like a seasoned pro. 🧩

Step 6: Baseboard Bonanza! 🧰

  • Sand and repaint those baseboards for a fresh new look. 🎨

  • Get your groove on while you re-install them using a nail gun. 🔨